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Message in the bottle.....

What to keep? What to drink?

February 23, 2015

Are you keeping your wines under the stairs, in the laundry? The shed?  That bottle of Penfolds that your old man got when the kids were born? In many cases your wine will be fine there as apparently (according to the statisticians who measure these things for fun) the average bottle of wine in Australia does not last more than 24 hours post purchase! Glad to hear that everyone is keen to enjoy a nice bottle, however you could be missing out on the wonderful effects of ageing which sees flavours balance, tannins mellow and new characteristics emerge from a never quite dormant, hibernation – if you treat your wine nicely! In this post we will look how what sort...

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Looking for new discoveries.....find one from the Hunter!

January 19, 2015

Growing up on a vineyard and influenced by the family wine business Shannon Burgess-Moore found his passion for wine making and began to look for ways to put a twist on the daily tipple! And thus Grandis, Wines of Well Being, a unique Hunter Valley wine making project was born.  Infusing Panax Quinquefolious ginseng (American strand) with his Hunter Valley grapes, Shannon can afford to reduce the sulphur dioxide to produce a unique wine of natural earthy herbaceous aroma and complexity. Shannon recently took time out of a busy vintage to have a chat with us and answer some of our questions....I hope you enjoy learning about this unique wine making technique and exciting young winemaker!   Shannon, Can you...

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