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Message in the bottle.....

Meet Your Maker

September 15, 2014

This month we continue to meet small and boutique winemakers from around the country by chatting with Yarra Valley doctor and wine maker Graham Stephens.  Graham produces wonderful hand made wines which reflect the regions characteristics of fruity Pinot Noir and crisp Chardonnay. Here is what we found out!  RFW: Graham, can you briefly describe your winery, and what you create? Graham:      We are a small hands on winery aiming to make the best chardonnay and pinot noir the season will permit. RFW: In a couple of sentences, how would you describe your wine makingphilosophy. Graham: We try and make wine with minimal interference. The high quality of our wine determined by selecting and producing wine from the best...

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How to host an awesome wine tasing! Post 2 of 3 - Vine and Dine!

August 18, 2014

Welcome to the second of our three short and sweet guides to hosting a successful wine tasting. In our last post we looked at the why and the how much. So if you have forgotten, basically we said that: Decide why you want a tasting, is it to share, to pair or compare? Secondly, tasting should be just that, you do not have to fill glasses to the brim and drink your way through your collection in one evening! 60ml is the average tasting size, this means 10-12 glasses per bottle, you do the maths! Today we look at the important issue of food to enjoy at your event… read on McDuff….   What foods should serve with your tasting,...

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